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Fabian Ziegler's Journey to a Modern and User-Friendly Website

Fabian Ziegler is a passionate percussionist with a mission to take percussion repertoire to new heights. His goal is to work on original and meaningful projects with renowned composers in the international music world, bringing the best of percussion repertoire to audiences worldwide.

Fabian completed his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Music at the Zurich University of the Arts, studying under esteemed professors such as Klaus Schwärzler, Raphael Christen, Benjamin Forster, Martin Grubinger, and Rainer Seegers. He also participated in international masterclasses with percussion experts such as Katarzyna Mycka, Jean Geoffroy, Svet Stoyanov, Conrado Moya, Beverly Johnston, and many more.

In recognition of his extraordinary solo performance during the instrumental music competition, Fabian was awarded the Migros Culture Percentage Study Prize for the second time in 2017, having previously won in 2015. He is also a scholarship holder of the Friedl-Wald-Stiftung and the Rahn Kulturfonds. Fabian won the Kiefer-Hablitzel / Göhner Music Prize in both 2018 and 2020, and was a semi-finalist at the International TROMP Percussion Competition in both years.

With his impressive achievements and commitment to percussion repertoire, Fabian Ziegler is on a mission to introduce audiences to new and striking pieces for solo percussion and chamber music with percussion instruments.

The Challenge: Creating a New Website for a Talented Percussionist

The symphony of Fabian Ziegler's digital presence had come to a halt when his old web developer disappeared into the ether, leaving him with an outdated and unresponsive website. In dire need of a new platform to reflect his exceptional musical talent and elevate his career, Fabian approached us for help.

Designing a Horizontal Scrolling Website with Custom Development and Coding

With an unwavering commitment to his craft, Fabian had set the bar high for what he wanted to achieve with his new website. Together, we delved into the world of creative possibilities, designing a website that was modern and user-friendly, yet complex in its custom developments and coding. The horizontal scrolling feature provided a unique and engaging user experience, which was integral to Fabian's message and brand.

Tightening Up Fabian's Messaging: Creating Engaging Copy for the Website

We didn't stop there - we tightened up Fabian's messaging to better reflect his musical style and expertise, crafting new copy that was both informative and captivating. The new content highlighted Fabian's exceptional achievements and musical journey, weaving a narrative that was as captivating as his performance.

Webflow SEO Arrangements: Ensuring Fabian's Website Ranks Highly in Search Results

To ensure that Fabian's website would be visible to a wider audience, we made necessary Webflow SEO arrangements. We optimised the website's content and structure, strategically incorporating relevant keywords and meta tags that made it easier for search engines to index and rank his website.

Redesigning the Website: Incorporating a Modern Color Scheme and Typography

The process culminated in the complete replica of the old website, but we didn't stop there. We went a step further, redesigning it to be more visually appealing, incorporating a modern colour scheme, typography, and custom graphics and animations that breathed new life into the website. The new design enhanced the user experience, providing a dynamic platform that was a true reflection of Fabian's musical style and personality.

The Reward: A Website That Showcases Fabian's Musical Talent and Expertise

The journey was challenging, but the outcome was an extraordinary website that elevated Fabian's brand to new heights. The new website showcased his musical talent and expertise, providing him with a platform to reach a wider audience, and continue to elevate percussion repertoire to the next level.