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Revamping LB White Plumbing: A Modern Twist on a Plumbing Legacy

Collaborating with LB White, a well-established plumbing company located in Lower Hutt, Wellington, was an exciting journey for us. With over 50 years in the plumbing industry, LB White offers a range of services, including general plumbing, emergency plumbing, kitchen and bathroom installations, and expertise in Rheem products. They serve both residential and commercial clients, making them a trusted name in their field.

The Challenge

Our mission was clear: modernise LB White's aging website, which had become a vital touchpoint for their clients. The project aimed to strike a balance between preserving the company's heritage and infusing a fresh, contemporary design. As we delved into the project, we began with an exploration of LB White's brand essence. This helped us gain insights into their values and unique qualities. However, it soon became evident that we needed a structured plan to navigate the complexities of the project.

Our Strategy

In response, we formulated a comprehensive strategy. We outlined the website's architecture, content, and database structure. Leveraging Webflow, a modern website builder, ensured a seamless and scalable development process. The initial design showed promise, but we decided to reevaluate and refine the website's overall feel.

Impact on LB White

The final product is a testament to LB White's heritage. The website design exudes contemporary appeal, distinguishing it from competitors. A refined layout, a thoughtfully chosen color scheme, and engaging elements like icons and animations create an immersive user experience. On the backend, we prioritized Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), meticulously optimising heading tags for better search visibility. The impact of this project on LB White's business is expected to be substantial. The combination of the new website and a targeted SEO plan positions LB White for enhanced success. Elevated search rankings and an intuitively navigable website promise increased opportunities for business growth.


Reflecting on this project, we learned that for endeavours of this magnitude, meticulous planning and a structured approach are paramount. Understanding the client's vision from the outset ensures a smoother development process.