The No Man's Land Project

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An Unforgettable Journey: The No Man's Land Project

When John approached me with his visionary idea of creating a world war 1 centenary piece, where the grandchildren of soldiers who died in the war made music together on the battlefields where their grandfathers fell, I knew I was embarking on a life-changing journey. Little did I realize that this passion project would span over two years, taking me on an awe-inspiring global adventure. The sheer scale of No Man's Land was mind-blowing, bringing together an incredibly diverse range of musicians from all corners of the world to create something of profound significance.

The Essence of No Man's Land

The No Man's Land Project is an 80-minute live cinematic concert—a deeply moving multi-media work that transcends generations, continents, cultures, and beliefs—reflecting on the devastating impact and futility of war. This breathtaking experience unites musicians, both live and virtual, as one global orchestra, performing in harmony to create an exhilarating visual and musical spectacle. Envision 150 musicians, descendants of opposing forces from the Great War, filmed on significant battlefields around the world, their projections merging seamlessly with a live, seven-piece international ensemble.

Our Immersive Contributions

Throughout this unforgettable journey, we provided invaluable support to ensure the success of No Man's Land, taking on various key roles with utmost dedication and creativity:

Music Preparation

Managing John's music materials, arranging scores, preparing Logic files, and pre-recording materials, our team ensured a seamless workflow and meticulous organization. With over 150 musician parts to handle, this task demanded meticulous precision.

Film and Photography Support

From scouting locations to assisting with camera work, we played a crucial role in the pre-production shoots. We wanted to capture the somber essence of the content while celebrating each musician's individual artistry.

Jeff (Camera Legend) & Matthew (Cinematographer)

European Film Shoot Preparation

Coordinating a 5-week intense film shoot across five countries was no small feat. Ensuring all artists arrived onsite performance-ready, we took charge of their logistics, making sure they were at the height of their creative mindset when the microphones and cameras began rolling.

Music Recording with George Kariotis

Working with legendary sound engineer George Kariotis was an enlightening experience. George taught us the power of the ear in determining microphone placement. We even had the privilege of recording our own album with George in Athens, Greece.

Digital Landscape Design

Creating the project's branding and designing website materials, we crafted a cohesive and engaging online presence that effectively showcased the project. This included producing and distributing the Physical CD and Booklet worldwide.

Post-Production Trailers

With a modest budget, we created a series of promotional videos to build anticipation for the project. The New Zealand tour was a roaring success, with many sell-out nights culminating at the WOMAD festival.

Live Show Production and Logistics

Taking on a key role in the production and logistics of the live show tour across New Zealand, we ensured seamless execution and unforgettable experiences for the audiences.

By offering these end-to-end services, we became an integral part of the No Man's Land project, contributing to its overall success and delivering a profoundly remarkable experience for both the creators and their audience. The journey has left an indelible mark on our hearts, reminding us of the power of music and the enduring spirit of humanity.

Project Details

Director: Jasmine Millet

Composer: John Psathas

On Stage Musicians: Stratis Psaradelis (Lyra), Sofia Labropoulou (Kanun), Caleb Robinson (Bass), Vangelis Karipis (Percussion), Jolanta Kossakowska (Voice, Violin), Joe Callwood (Guitar), and James Illingworth (Piano)

Musicians: Serj Tankian (Voice/Lyrics), Joshua Hyde (Saxophone), Svet Stoyanov (Percussion), Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg, Pierre Mea (Organ), Monsieur Claude (Gregorian Chant Recitation), Alexej Gerassimez (Percussion), Benjamin Schafer (Percussion), Stratis Psaradelis (Lyra), Vagelis Karipis (Percussion), Marta Sebestyen (Voice), Meeta Pandit (Voice), Himanshu Dixit (Hindu Religious Recitation), Bijan Chemirani (Percussion), Paolo Cimmino (Percussion), Renkei Hashimoto (Shakuhachi), Oum El Ghait Benessahraoui (Voice), Netherlands Blazers Ensemble (Wind and Brass), Tecwyn Evans (Conductor), Hayden Chisholm (Saxophone, Bagpipes), Ariana Tikao (Voice/Lyrics), The Nudge: Iraia Whakamoe (Drums), Ryan Prebble (Guitar), James Coyle (Keyboards),  James Illingsworth (Keyboards), Jack Hooker (Guitar), David Downes (Composer), John Psathas (Composer), Shahbaz Hussain (Tabla), Nawras Alhajibrahim (Bass), Yanal Staiti (Percussion), Polish Radio Choir, Zofia Kolbe-Wojdyr (Gaida, Bagpipes), Mateusz Szemraj (Guitar), Monseigneur Job (Russian Orthodox Recitation), The Grand Mufti of the Grand Mosque, Paris (Islamic Recitation), David Ross (Percussion), David Henderson (Percussion), Fara Diouf (Djembe), Gareth Lubbe (Polyphonic Singing), Markus Johansson (Hang Drum), Refugees of Rap: Yaser Jamous, Mohammed Jamous (Rap), Derya Turkan (Kemence/Composer), Muhammet Sadrettin Ozcimi (Ney), Danny Cudd (Hang Drum), Simone Rebello (Percussion), Russel Walder (Oboe), Michael Mandel (Hebrew Religious Recitation).

Producer:John Psathas