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Empowering Fitness, Inspiring Unity

In 2022, gym owner Brent approached us with an inspiring vision—a community gym named PURE TOUGH. The challenge was to develop a strategy to transform the gym into a sustainable community space. Thrilled with the opportunity to contribute to the fitness industry and the community, we embarked on a holistic approach to elevate Pure Health and Fitness's brand identity and streamline their operations. In this blog post, we will walk you through the journey of how we turned Pure Health and Fitness into a distinguished brand that appeals to the entire community and fosters healthier lifestyles.

Long-Term Sustainability Business Plan:

To ensure the gym's long-term growth and success in the competitive fitness market, we crafted a well-structured business plan. This comprehensive roadmap served as a guide, positioning Pure Health and Fitness as a sustainable community gym, dedicated to delivering quality fitness services to its members. With a new model shaped by standardised membership plans, both members and business can enjoy a transparent and fair membership. Some of the highlights of this business plan includes:


Streamlining Members' AccountsTo enhance efficiency and streamline operations, we implemented Ezidebit—an automated payment system. This seamless payment solution simplified members' account management, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the gym's clientele.

Linda - Personal Trainer

Gym Master

Optimising Digital PresenceIn today's digital age, a strong online presence is crucial. To improve Pure Health and Fitness's digital footprint, we introduced Gym Master—a robust content management system. Replacing the previous non-CMS approach, this system made it easier to track analytics and gym metrics, enabling better decision-making for overall business efficiency. Being able to effectively understand and utilise this platform allows management to understand the metrics of the gym. How many members they currently have, how many new members are joining per week. What percentage of new members are not cementing the gym going habit. It allows for automated check ins to give staff and members the personal touch at the right time.

Adrian - Personal Trainer

Branding Strategy and Development:

Our rebranding journey began with in-depth research and analysis of Pure Health and Fitness's existing brand, market dynamics, and customer preferences. By gaining a thorough understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement, we laid the foundation for the rebranding strategy. It became clear that we needed to start from the top and change the name - Pure Tough to Pure Health and Fitness, we embarked on a transformative branding journey. Our goal was to create a cohesive strategy that resonated with the community's diverse members, embodying inclusivity and a commitment to fostering a welcoming fitness hub.

Fab's competing in ultra marathon

Logo Design and Development:

Our design team set out to create a new logo and visual identity that represented the gym's community-focused ethos. We opted for a modern logo incorporating light green colours, symbolising growth and harmony, appealing to a broader target market beyond hardcore athletes. To reflect the gym's community-focused approach, we modernized the previous logo, incorporating the previous colours to stay true to their origions and also to appeal to a broader target market. Through numerous brainstorming sessions, we ensured that the new logo symbolised the gym's dedication to catering to everyone in the community, regardless of fitness levels.

Logo Development

Website Design and Development:

With the new brand identity firmly established, the next crucial step was the complete overhaul of the website. Our focus was on creating a user-friendly platform that effortlessly allowed members to book trainers, workout sessions, and classes. Additionally, we strategically showcased the gym's exceptional value to the community, ensuring visitors could easily access essential information while immersing themselves in the gym's welcoming atmosphere. The revamped website became a powerful digital hub, embodying the essence of Pure Health and Fitness and serving as a gateway to a healthier, inclusive, and vibrant fitness experience for all.

Mobile Phone Layout


In our quest to build trust and credibility among potential clients, we took the initiative to organize professional photo sessions for the trainers. Through these sessions, we captured high-quality images that beautifully showcased the trainers' expertise and unwavering dedication to fitness. These captivating photographs not only enriched their online presence but also served as a compelling testament to the gym's community-oriented ethos. With each image exuding passion and commitment, the trainers' profiles resonated with authenticity, reinforcing the gym's mission of creating a welcoming and supportive fitness haven for individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

Conal - Personal Trainer - Bike

Conal - Personal Trainer - Deadlift

Conal - Personal Trainer - Bags

Through a tailor-made suite of services, we have successfully transformed Pure Health and Fitness into a distinguished brand, inspiring healthier lifestyles throughout the community. From crafting a sustainable business plan to modernising branding elements and optimising digital platforms, every step of the journey has been dedicated to elevating the gym's image and fostering inclusivity. Pure Health and Fitness now stands as a shining example of how a community gym can thrive, making a lasting impact on the lives of its members and becoming an integral part of the neighborhoods it serves.